The Quintillion Project

At the current rate of population growth, which is compounding at a rate of 1.11% per year, the number of people in the world is doubling every 62.8 years. That means it quadruples in 125.6 years, octuples in 188.4 years and multiplies by 1,024 by the year 2645. Yes, that’s right, there will be 7.68 trillion people in the world by the year 2645. At four generations per century, that’s less than twenty five generations, which is really not very much time. In not much more time than that life will become unsustainable on planet earth as we approach the quintillion mark. We have until then to maximize our awesomeness by choosing to create new planets and solar systems to live on rather than killing each other with war, famine, forced abortion, genocide of the elderly and disabled, and through disease and dystopia, which is our current track. This leprechaun wants us to start out with a concerted effort involving better management through a system called HANDS.